Grammy Nominated !

Americana , Old School Blues & Country

Peace , Liberty & Honky Tonkin'

in a World Gone Mad


I am a singer /songwriter .

I do Americana , Old School Blues & Country  for Local Taverns , Festivals , Art Shows & Events .

Depending on the occasion I ramp it up to become the 3 or 4 piece   

Durango & The Old Timey Rascals  .

Old Timey Back Porch Music

for your listening & dancing pleasure .

Made for Love is a tune recorded in Florida at the Old Sunflower Studios in Hollywood . It's Old School Americana , 1940's Swing .

The Another Gandi Video is not our usual cup of Blues, but an EDM song singular in that it was recorded in a studio and designed for play in electronic dance venues in an effort to unite people who under normal circumstances move in different social circles : Folk lyrics , Dance Club groove . The song won ” 1st Place ” in the World Beat catagory from the L.A. Akademia of Music.

At the moment for regular gigs I do 60% covers & 40 % original songs .

Peace & Freedom ... 

For booking contact Durango at

Greetings from Durangoland !

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Durango McMurphy

Durango is proud to announce he is now an Artist on the roster of Bongo Boy Records who will soon be distributing his Americana songs " Dumpster Paradise " & "Downtown Rodeo " 

via Homestead Vol 6 to be released

March 1st  2022 !

UPDATE ! Homestead Vol 6 has been nominated for a GRAMMY for Best Americana Album  !

Listen to Downtown Rodeo

on the Audio Player !

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Check out " The Ghost Of James Dean "

(Line Dancing For Rebels)

You can purchase a download for $2 (More if you would like) at BandCamp:

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